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Dec 20th
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Brattle Premieres Local Indie Film Shot in Brookline

Brattle Premieres Local Indie Film Shot in Brookline

Thursday evening the Brattle will feature “the loudest sound”, an independent film by Brookline resident Director Jason Miller. The film depicts a young Boston couple and the breaking of their three-year bond by addiction and betrayal through the visual interchange between color and black and white. Miller says the inspiration behind the film is a mix of personal experience and a desire to write film stories that depict the truths and challenges of interpersonal relationships. “The relationship depicted with Michael and Alice,” the film’s focal characters, “has shades of codependency that affects many couples,” Miller says. Miller adds that “As a film, a lot of inspiration came from the great American movies of the 1970's” which were, “Films that dealt with big ideas, and never shied away from open and honest portrayals of [the] characters.” The choice to move visually between color and black and white Miller describes as representing the “motivations and the ever-changing dynamics of the relationship.” Although the couple is young, Miller believes the trials Michael and Alice face are more universal, but being inexperienced certainly doesn’t make things easier for them.


1980 Comedy Airplane! Excellent Choice For Coolidge Theater’s Science On Screen

How much science is actually in "Airplane!", the 1980 classic disaster comedy? Not much, as most of the plot centers on a love story—boy loses girl, boy chases girl, boy becomes a hero, boy wins girl. Rated by Bravo as one of the funniest comedies of all time, the film’s satire is a response to the many popular catastrophe films of the 70s, and plays on a common fear of the rare flight crash. Satire and romance aside, it is the film’s close-ups of the operations within the B-707 cockpit and representation of technical and communication errors between the crew and air traffic control that make it a surprisingly excellent choice for the Coolidge Corner Theater’s lecture series Science on Screen℠.

Brookline Public Library features local artist Marlena Hewitt's dancers

The striking paintings of local artist Marlena Hewitt, a current art instructor at the Brookline Adult & Community Education Program, are on display at the main Brookline Public Library until January 4th. Hewitt is originally from Poland but migrated to the Boston area in 1991 to study art and architecture with a desire to paint in styles that represent the impressionistic as well as the abstract. This collection is from a larger body of work inspired by the Boston Ballet and Watertown’s Koltun Ballet Academy. Before the holiday season comes to an end, it is important not to miss these seventeen pieces, which depict not only the delicacy and beauty of perfected technique, but also the textured physicality of the demanding classical dance.

Boston Local History Series Highlights Early Theater But Misses Mark On Race

Boston would be missing a heartbeat essential to the city’s very essence if not for the flashing neon and moving picture billboards calling city dwellers into seats of the thriving theater district. For over a hundred and fifty years Boston’s theater history has boasted tens of thousands of performances with some of America’s finest actors. Wednesday night, the Boston Public Library’s Local & Family History Lecture Series featured a timeline of Boston’s theaters and its early performers given by New England native and theater expert Susan Roberts.

Despite an improved economy, more families relying on Brookline pantry

Today in Brookline 750 households rely on Brookline’s Emergency Food Pantry to stay afloat. The number of households has increased by 150 since May. The sharp rise is due to what the pantry’s Director Rene Feuerman believes to be an equal share of an intensified effort toward outreach and an increase in need.

Talking to Mai Le Libman, Creator of Savione


November 29, 2014: On this Small Business Saturday, Brookline Hub’s Jennifer Campaniolo talks to Mai Le Libman, creator of the web-based application Savione, which bills itself as “the easiest and best way to shop local stores.” Savione helps connect customers with small local businesses; it has a map and icons that show a store’s location and the products that are available there.

Beaver Country Day Students Show Ingenuity, Creativity in 3rd Annual Shark Day Competition


There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to exhibit the emerging talent of Greater Boston’s young people. For the 3rd year in a row, Brookline’s Beaver Country Day School held its own reality TV-style judging competition, Shark Day, in an effort to showcase their students’ creativity and entrepreneurial efforts.

NuVu Studio Students Have Olympic Dreams…For Boston in 2024


Will Boston be ready for a possible Olympics in 2024? Private investors are not the only group with hopes of bringing the games to the city.

The students of NuVu Studio recently devised a proposal for the 2024 Olympic Organizing Committee. A modern learning center in Cambridge, Nuvu offers themed, project-based programs for teens without the boundaries of a typical classroom space and grade-based evaluations. NuVu defines the purpose of the studio as a way to "teach students how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion."

BHS Students Awarded $2,000 to Fight Big Tobacco

Brookline’s youth is dedicated to the fight against Big Tobacco, and as a result of their efforts the Brookline High School chapter has been awarded funding to further the cause.

The 84 Movement, a Massachusetts program by the Department of Public Health to support smoking cessation and prevention, has granted the Brookline High School Peer Leaders a $2,000 grant. Run by a leadership team that supports 14 selected state chapters with mini grants, the group designated themselves “The 84", a reference to the percentage of Massachusetts youth who in an earlier survey indicated that they did not smoke. According to the 84’s statistics, the percentage has since risen to an impressive 89. The ultimate goal is a generation that is completely smoke-free.

MEDiAGIRLS Helps Middle-School Girls ‘Give Media the Makeover’

September 19, 2014: The website for MEDiAGIRLS has a list of disturbing statistics about girls’ and women’s reactions after consuming media images. One that caught my attention was from The Representation Project, “By the time a girl from the U.S. is age 12, she has seen approximately 77,546 ads, with 56% using beauty as a product appeal.” An equally disturbing statistic follows:

“Fifty-six percent of teens feel that the media's advertisements are the main cause of low self-esteem.” (2013 National Teen Body-image survey by the blog StageofLife.)

And it’s not just ads. The ubiquity of social media in young people’s lives has also contributed to the confidence problem. According to the teen body-image site Proud2Bme, “eighty-six percent of respondents say that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter hurt their body confidence.”

“Many girls are posting pics of themselves on social media sites and YouTube asking ‘Am I beautiful?’ and then getting ripped apart by negative comments. It's heartbreaking,” said Michelle Cove, MEDiAGIRLS’ Founder, Executive Director, and Instructor.

MEDiAGIRLS is a new Brookline-based program designed to empower middle school girls to honestly discuss how airbrushed and idealized images of women in the media affect their self-esteem. MEDiAGIRLS also gives them tools to turn the trend on its head by teaching them to create their own girl-positive media.

Brookline Teen Center: One Year Old and Still Growing

August 26, 2014: It was almost a year ago that the Brookline Teen Center, 40 Aspinwall Avenue, opened its doors to Brookline teenagers as a haven and a hangout. On September 16, 2013 a decade-long dream was realized.

But there is still more work to be done, according to Matthew Cooney, Executive Director of the BTC. “We want to introduce more programming—classes, health & wellness workshops, tutoring, SAT prep courses. We want to help teens find jobs,” said Cooney, a slim man with short grey hair whose personality is both easy-going and focused. Since before the BTC opened, Cooney, a father of three who was hired in 2012, has worn many hats on an essentially skeleton crew—acting as planner, construction supervisor, coach—whatever part was necessary to get a job done.

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