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Jan 28th
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This is What I Want Tomorrow to Look Like in Brookline

This is What I Want Tomorrow to Look Like in Brookline

In my house, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero. My dad was proud of the number of Jewish Americans who marched in Civil Rights protests. He sobbed when MLK was murdered. If my dad had been alive two years ago, he would have given his full support of my producing a video for the 2013 MLK Day Celebration in Brookline and proud of our young people featured in the video that participate each year in the Sojourn to the Past.


Vote Yes on Article 29

Brookline’s commercial areas are made up of 3 basic groups, national chains, franchise and dealer owned operations, and independent businesses. Many affectionately refer to Independent, local stores as “mom and pops”.

Warrant article 29, which will be considered by Town Meeting in May, celebrates the contributions, resiliency, and heart of our local independent businesses. It’s also about encouraging the Town of Brookline to spend more of your hard-earned tax money locally, so your money can stay local.

The Studio Hosts ‘Kids Strong’, the Fashion Event of the Year, Sunday Night

At 7pm on Sunday, September 29th, the wonderful woman of the Studio will host 'Kids Strong', unveiling their Fall/Winter Collection at the newly launched and way cool Brookline Teen Center, in what will surely be a fantastic evening.


Remember when that guy caught the ball in the back of the end zone as time expired, or when the other guy hit the homerun with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth or that goal in overtime or that steal under his own basket to preserve victory and you screamed at the TV, "unbelievable!"

"Local" Sticker Doesn't Necessarily Mean Local Business

In the last few weeks, little rectangular “shop local, surf local stickers” have sprung up all over town. Shopping local is a pretty righteous thing do, in my opinion. According to the 3/50 Project, for every $100 we spend at locally, independent stores, $68 goes back to our local economy, compared to $43 if we shop at a chain store. If we spend money online with a non-local company, nothing comes back to help the local economy. According to the Sustainable Business Network, when you shop local, you help create new local jobs and decrease local unemployment.  You also help protect our environment by reducing greenhouse emissions from trans-regional and trans-national transportation of goods.

It Doesn't Matter Why They Did It

There is little doubt the brothers Tsarnaev and their possible accomplices had their reasons, but those reasons are inconsequential. Whoever they thought they were attacking or defending, they picked the wrong enemy and the methods of their actions cannot be tolerated. Tamerian and Dzhokar may have thought they were fighting for a principal, defeating an enemy, attacking a nation, defending a religion, protesting a government’s policy, or making any number of statements.

The Marathon and Moving Forward

My first memory of the Boston Marathon was in 1970. My dad took me right to Boylston Street, between Fairfield and Gloucester. It was pouring out as I recall. We saw Ron Hill of Great Britain going by, seemingly running the race alone, and smashing the Boston record in 2 hours 10 min. and some change. My dad taught me that day that no matter the conditions, one never leaves the Marathon course until the great Johnny Kelly runs by. I've seen almost every Marathon since.

Replace The Second Amendment

Why is the right to bear arms still so important that it deserves to be the Second Amendment? Depending on which estimate you believe, there are between 9 and 9.8 guns for every 10 people living in the United States, and that includes all the people born this morning. With all the "stuff" we have going on in our lives, with all our wants and needs and desires; is owning a gun number two on our priority list?

2013, This Is Our Year

January is like Spring Training. The slate is wiped clean. Our record is 0-0 and even the championship is a possibility.

In the Wake of December 14, Hold Them Tight

There is “part” of us that doesn’t belong to us. It's a "part" someplace deep inside that belongs to our children. I don’t believe that “part” gets activated until we become parents. When we are young, we are so focused on ourselves it’s near impossible to have the proper appreciation for that “part” of our parents that every son and daughter owns.

Shopping Online Versus Brick-and-Mortar : It Pays To Buy Local

Believe it or not, buying products online this holiday season doesn't mean you are exempt from sales tax. In fact, the state actually expects you to self report and pay what you owe. As mind-numbing as that sounds, it's true. If a company has physical presence in Massachusetts, it is required to charge you sales tax for online orders, report and pay the tax it has collected monthly.

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